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This is a tremendous domain name for the growing, lucrative beauty, fitness & women’s lifestyle industry!’s brandable characteristics have determined that the domain has truly satisfactory advertising & branding potential, as it is short & effortless to spell, comprised of a popular TLD & a descriptive, memorable term. The lookup term obtain a larger butt may be an indicator of moderate commercial capability women’s life style . This domain name is up for auction at Flippa with bidding starting at only$1! ?

Traffic is 6 years old with traffic from lookup engines based on the domain term. Approximately 307 unique visitors monthly, 976 visits total!

domain name for sale awstats monthly visitors traffic

domain name for sale awstats monthly visitors traffic









Comparable Sales

Comparable sales are one of the most reliable ways to determine a domain’s fair market value on an open, public market. Here I have listed a assortment of prior domain sales that I feel exhibit similar characteristics to Getabiggerbutt. These domain names were chosen because they share one or more of the following: 1) extension; 2) number of words; 3) approximate length of characters; & 4) comparable commercial potential. $460 May 07 Sedo Auction $9,700 Oct 06 SnapNames $4,408 Jul 06 SnapNames $2,235 Jan 10 NameJet $2,149 Jul 09 SnapNames/Showcase $1,397 Nov 09 Sedo $500 Oct 08 Sedo$2,054 Mar 09 SnapNames $5,600 Mar 09 NameJet $500 Apr 08 Sedo Auction$8,003 Nov 07 SnapNames $6,750 Sep 07 SnapNames $10,000 Feb 07 SnapNames $17,500 May 07 Sedo Auction


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