Fiverr Cofounders Set Sights On Amazon, eBay

Fiverr Cofounders Set Sights On Amazon, eBay
The services market is much smaller than the products market, with sites like Amazon & eBay being a strong foothold, yet that doesn't mean that Fiverr can't reach that kind of capability as it continues to see growth over time. Kaufman wants Fiverr to
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Uber Drivers: The Machines Are Coming For Your Job (And That's Okay)
You've probably read the fearmongering articles. The same technological innovations that have enabled the growth of Gig Economy, & allowed that ecosystem to flourish, will shortly follow it entirely up by automating & destroying the truly tasks it created
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Help Desk: Need a few extra bucks? We look at the technology world's latest apps you
But you can supplement your primary financial gain with a second gig that pays out best on evenings & weekends. You know the huge names: Uber & Lyft. You may moreover look into delivery services Favor & Postmates. Expect to take home $ 20-25 ridesharing &
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